Two years old

It’s been a while since I updated. I can’t believe my little boy is 2 years old already!

His second birthday went wonderfully! It was Jake and the Neverland Pirates theme and his cake was a pirate ship that when you cut it open, gold m&ms spilled out. It was epic! My friend Crystal Huber made it for us.

He got lots of presents that he loved, but his top three favorites were: his tablet from Nana and Papa, his “sand castle” which is a sand/water table from mommy and daddy, and a big racecar track thing to use with his vTech wheels from Nana Lori.

Another first we experienced recently was going to the zoo! Garrett and I brought him to the Como zoo over 4th of July weekend. It took us FORTY FIVE MINUTES to find parking. It was hell. Then the zoo was kind of lame and Xander was grumpy through it and it honestly took us the same amount of time to get through the entire zoo as it did to find parking. It wasn’t very fun at all.

Then a few weeks ago, Nana Lori got us some free tickets to the Minnesota Zoo! Nana Cathy and Papa Q came with Garrett and I and we had a BLAST! We spent about 6 hours there and Xander had so much fun seeing all the animals! He did great, too. I wore him in my new Tula for most of the time (Garrett even gave it a go) or he rode in his stroller with very little whining! He rode a carousel and a camel for the first time ever and did great on both! All in all it was a fabulous day!

Other than that he’s been doing great at home. He can say his abc’s, count to 18, sing a couple songs, help say his prayers at night, and speaks in full sentences sometimes! He’s so smart it’s scary!

(Off on a tangent here, but like, a week ago or something he was usually only saying, “have some” when he wanted something. Then out of nowhere he says to me, “Can I have the phone, please?” My jaw dropped to the floor and I handed him my phone. Haha it was crazy!)

Let me know if you want updates more often! I have no idea who is actually reading this even! 🙂


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