My sweet boy ♥️

One year ago today: “When I get older, I’m a boy, so I might turn into a dad. And I’ll be big. And so will baby Ezra. And then you’ll be sad because you won’t have a little boy anymore, right, momma? But that’s ok, because I’ll be here.”

Yup. I cried. ❤


Born knowing

Xander: “I was born knowing how to use a knife.”

Uhhhhh…. Still going to be a no from me…. 😂



Xander: “Momma did you know I’m the master of my ‘sea-ups’? Do you know what ‘sea-ups’ are?”

Me: “Uhhh no?”

Xander: “Me either, but I’m still the master of mine.” 😂



Ezra has turned my computer off twice today when I was in the middle of the things. This last time I said, “You little jerk.”

Xander goes to Ezra and says, “You’re not a jerk, Ezra. You just don’t know any better.”

Moral of the story? Sometimes momma is the jerk.



Today when I picked Xander up from school his teacher told me how she was fake crying about having to be gone next week for training. Xander grabbed her arm and said, “Miss Raelynn, You’re just crying for attention.” If only he could take his own criticism. Haha